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Buckshot Farms Inc.  is a diversified Canadian farming company headquartered at Mulgrave, Ontario - just outside of Stevensville. We operate agrarian, equestrian, experimental and energy (natural gas, hydroelectric) plots through a variety of models and arrangements.

We are a registered farm business with the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, and a registered transfer and inspection station (ad hoc) for livestock. We have strategic partnerships with industry experts in agriculture, animal care, horticulture and natural gas extraction. Living up to our commitment to be a good neighbour and responsible citizen, we take every measure to protect the environment and reduce our footprint. We even protect rare Canadian birds that live in some of our ponds and swampland.


In late 2012, due to declining economic conditions, a decision was taken to close out farm operations and liquidate physical assets. With the closure of the equestrian farm and stables, the Buck$hop division became obsolete and was also closed. The company continues to manage the intellectual properties developed during its peak, and we intend to re-establish in future.

Buckshot Farms Inc.
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